SIP Analog Modem Server – SAMS

About SAMS

SAMS is a fully software-based analog dial-up modem server. It is designed to run on standard x86 Windows and Linux platforms, and connect using Voice over IP technologies, enabling cloud migration for legacy applications.

Use Cases

  • Migrate legacy infrastructure to the cloud
  • Replace end of life modem servers such as Cisco AS5350 and PVDM modems
  • Remove expensive ISDN, PRI, and POTS copper lines and replace with VoIP
  • Extend the support life for deployed equipment relying on modem-based communications

Target Applications

  • Utility Meters
    • Fuel – Water – Energy – Hydro
    • Itron MV-90 xi, PrimeRead, Autosol, Honeywell CONNEXO
  • Alarm/Security Panels
    • SIA DC-03: SIA Format (SIA FSK)
    • SIA DC-04: SIA 2000
    • SIA DC-05: Ademco Contact ID
    • Sonitrol
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Building Infrastructure HVAC
  • Industrial Controls
  • Building Automation
  • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Veriphone
    • Visa I/II, SDLC/HDLC, ISO 8583
    • V.22 Fast Connect
    • ATM Backend
  • Out-of-Band Management
  • Medical Devices
  • PPP/Dial-Up
  • STE/STU secure phone terminals, vIPer Phones
  • Secure Data Terminals
  • Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP), Paging


  • 100% software solution easily deploys to the cloud
  • Emulate and fully replace a physical modem
  • Optimized to enable reliable modem connections over VoIP
  • Runs on any standard Linux or Windows distribution
  • Scalable – Supports hundreds of modem channels on a single server
  • Industry standard AT commands – V.250
  • Secure SAMS (SIPS, SRTP, TLS) options available
  • Compatible with industry standard applications and protocols
  • High speed data modulation – V.34, V.90, V.92 (optional)
  • Low speed data modulation – V.32, V.32bis, V.22, V.22bis, V.23, V.21
  • Bell modulation – Bell 212, Bell 103
  • Supports standard protocols such as V.42 / LAPM, MNP 2-4
  • Supports standard compression protocols such as V.42bis and MNP5
  • Compatible with GSM Circuit Switched Data (CSD) applications

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